Cleaning & Laundry
Point of Sales

Sales Management

  • Capture sales store accurately
  • Identify top selling products & categories
  • Reward sales person performance
  • View multiple outlets sales from HQ
  • Manage & schedule delivery
  • Discounts & promotions

Inventory Management

  • Maintain optimal inventory level
  • Manage inventory of multiple locations
  • Stock low alert
  • Conduct stock take with ease
  • Stock transfer among outlets
  • Purchase Orders

Customer Relationship Management

  • Effectively maintain customers’ records
  • Easily create and manage loyalty system
  • Analyze customer history
  • Identify top selling customers
  • Share customer database across multiple outlets

Comprehensive Reports

  • View reports of all of your outlet from anywhere through the internet
  • Comprehensive reports that can improve your decision making
  • Clear visibility of your business
  • Mobile access of your important KPI

Cleaning Industry Point of Sales

retail pos point-of-sale singapore

It is built on top of the Retail POS and have the functionality of retail POS. Additional functionality includes the following:

  • Capture the condition of the item. When a customer gives clothing or bags for cleaning, the item need to be inspected. We allow the cashier to capture the condition of the item and sign digital to confirm the defect if any. We also allow to capture photos of item that need to be
    cleaned if necessary.
  • Track serial numbers of the items if any. Some expensive items like branded bag, need to be captured with serial number so to avoid a bag to be accidentally swapped during cleaning.
  • Track collection date of the item and when the customer can come back to collect. Allow the business to track items pending collections.



With accurate tracking of the condition of the item before the cleaning, we avoid potential future dispute. This also allow the person doing the cleaning to take note of any special condition

Manage collection and pending collection accurately and effectively. Keeping promises are important for the business and items must be cleaned before the promised collection date. Pending collection allow the staff to call customer to remind them that their items are ready and waiting for them to collect.

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Complete Modules

To fit all your business’ needs.

Sales Module
  • Generate sales invoices
  • Apply discounts and promotions
  • Hold and recall sales receipts
  • Assign members to receipt
  • Assign sales person to receipt
  • Capture remarks
  • Purchase & redeem reward points
  • View members’ past purchases
  • Void receipt with authorised approval
  • Print and reprint receipt
  • Configurable receipt layout
  • Multiple payment types
  • Partial payments: Deposit & balance payment
  • Arrange delivery of items
  • Voucher management
  • Unlimited hot keys buttons
  • Sell item combos
  • End-of-day settlement
  • Auto email total sales of the day for each outlets
  • Synchronize sales of all outlets to backend system via internet
Inventory Module
  • Unlimited product creation with multiple attributes
  • View stock balance of individual outlets or combined
  • View both quantity and dollar value of inventory
  • Create purchase orders
  • Perform goods received
  • Stock transfers between outlets
  • Stock adjustments with authorizations
  • Stock Taking (Comparing system quantities with physical stock)
  • Low stock quantity alert to avoid under-stocking
  • Integration with mobile computer or tablet
  • Printing of barcode labels for tagging
  • Stock card report
  • Keep record of historical stock movements
  • Real time inventory across outlets
Customer Module
  • Customer database storing
  • Multiple customer grouping
  • Search for customers by various attributes
  • View top customers
  • View customers’ past purchases
  • View product sales by customers
  • Auto apply membership discounts by customer type
  • Birthday list
  • Reward Point system – accumulate reward & redemption
  • Membership expiry and renewals
  • Synchronize member’s data across multiple outlets
  • Synchronize point rewards information across multiple outlet in real time
Sales Person Module
  • Track sales persons sales
  • Multiple sales persons in single receipt
  • 2 sales person in a single line receipt
  • Identify sales person product sales
  • Multiple sales person reports
Analytics & Reports
  • Centralized web based reports for all outlets
  • Sales by product or category
  • Daily collection report
  • Transaction reports
  • Voided transaction reports
  • Stock balance report
  • Value of stock
  • Stock Transfer report
  • Customer purchase report
  • Sales person performance report
  • And many more

Point-of-Sale Hardware

We provide quality point-of-sales hardware and peripherals from established & trusted brand

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