Integrate Offline & Online Seamlessly.



We live in an era where internet is a major part of our daily lives. We know that every business needs to compete effectively online. We provide services for you to build an effective and powerfully online store that will boost your online presence. We create beautifully designed website that is effective in promoting your site. Our e-commerce platform, Magento provides robust & proven e-commerce capabilities, used by more than 150,000 merchants worldwide.

Most importantly you want an integrated system between your physical store and your e-commerce. Goods sold in either platform must be reflected accurately to give a complete overview of your stock level. Customers data and customers loyalty program must be able to work seamlessly between platform. Selling items in the online store must be synchronized with the physical store to avoid double entry and inaccuracy. We are able to provide you with a full complete solution for your business, for both online and offline.


Web Design


Web Analytics

Integration with POS System

Web Hosting and Email Hosting

Mobile Website

Facebook Application

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