Get real-time visibility of what’s happening in your store

Do you wish you were able to make the right decisions quicker when situations arise in the store? Wouldn’t it be great  if you can get real-time information on your store directly on your mobile phone?

By providing you with reports on your business directly on your mobile – and in real-time – Edgeworks Solutions’ EQuip Mobile Insight allows you to make the right moves in the shortest possible time.

EQuip Mobile Insight

With this,  you will be able to:

  • Get live statuses of your business for a better understanding of what is happening now
  • Monitor the sales performance of the stores against sales target
  • Keep track of top selling products and top buying customers
  • Easily visualise your data for a clearer understanding
  • Conveniently and efficiently grab information from multiple data sources (POS – Accounting system – HR system etc)
  • Customise reports according to your pre-defined data source and KPI, and get the report in your desired format directly on your mobile phone
  • Maintain the health of your business by being alerted when things went wrong


With Equip Mobile Insight, you can stay on top of your business 24/7 and make timely decisions to ensure your sales targets are met and problems resolved.

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