Success Story – Infineon Technologies

Success Story – Infineon Technologies

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About Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies is a German semiconductor manufacturer founded in 1999, with over 35,424 employees worldwide.

Client Objectives

To promote workforce productivity, Infineon Technologies in Singapore wanted a solution that would encourage choice of healthy diets amongst employees through the form of subsidies.

In addition, Infineon wanted to capture consumption trends to improve on future offerings to pay more attention to employees satisfaction levels as well as reduce food wastage.

What We Did

POS system integrated with a value card (staff card) CRM system.

Employees of Infineon Technologies are now able to pay for meals at the on-site food stalls, and be rewarded for making healthier choices, thus meeting their objectives.

In addition, the POS was also integrated into their existing CRM program, which allows employees to earn points that can be converted into dollars to be spent in the café.


This system has given staff the impetus to take their meals at the food court as the staff cards are easy to use to pay for their meals. Infineon has also reported an increase in productivity as well as a lower staff turnover rate. The staff also benefits from the discounts they receive when using the staff card to purchase their meals.

The implementation of the new system allows management to see the sales data and the total subsidies that are used in real time, thus allowing for more control over the budget and forecasting future expenditures.

By integrating the CRM program with the new POS system, Infineon Technologies has improved its productivity, slowed down its staff turnover rate, and promoted healthy eating to its staff.

Edgeworks has successfully helped develop a POS system which has helped Infineon Technologies canteen POS system. Because of the success of the POS system, Infineon want the system to be rolled out to other sister plants in Asia.