What to Look for in a Spa POS System

What to Look for in a Spa POS System

Operating a SPA is not easy. There are many things specific for this type of business, so acquiring POS software developed for the management of SPAs can help you be more efficient in your daily operations. When choosing your spa POS system, you have to make sure it includes all features and functionality you need for your business to operate smoothly. Here are the most important of them:

Membership Module

You need to create and maintain an account for each of your members. This feature would enable you to keep track of the client’s contact information and specific details such as birthday or special anniversaries. With such a module, clients can be notified automatically before the expiry date of their current membership, thus enabling them to extend it. You can also give clients the possibility of making automatic recurring payments in order to avoid the interruption of their membership.

Built-In Payment Processor

If you aim for maximum customer satisfaction, you need to provide them the possibility of making electronic payments by using their credit or debit card. This module should be reliable and secure, in order to avoid fraud or hacking into the system.

24/7 Customer Support

If you want your clients to stick with you, you have to make sure their inquiries are taken care of within the shortest possible time. This means you need to secure 24/7 customer support to take phone calls and answer emails.

Automatic Reminders

Your clients may forget their appointments. This is more frequent than you’d think, so you need to be prepared to remind them when they need to come for various services and treatments. You need your POS software to have the ability of sending automatic appointment reminders to clients, so that they don’t mess up your schedule.

Special Perks

It’s always a good idea to reward your loyal clients with special offers and bonuses. Additionally, by offering newcomers discount vouchers and promo codes, you can attract them to try your services. If they like what the get, some of them are going to stick with you. This is why your spa POS system needs to allow you to offer gift cards and promo codes.

It’s also a good idea to offer your clients the possibility of purchasing various retail items. Maybe they like your creams, soaps and shampoos and they wish to use the same products at home. Why not sell them these products directly? If you like this idea, you need to make sure your POS software allows you to accept payments, track purchases and manage the inventory.

As you can see, buying a special SPA POS solution can help you be more effective in the management of your business, allowing you to free up some time for your strategic planning or for developing new tactics to expand your clients’ pool. Besides, your actual clients are going to be happy with your services, respect their appointments and extend their memberships without having to write all these down in their agendas.

The Issues Restaurants Face When Using an Old POS System

The Issues Restaurants Face When Using an Old POS System

With the changing times, people have adapted to the new technology and you will see a lot of Internet-enabled devices being used to keep our lives much easier. For the restaurant industry, it has been very quick in accepting the new technology with smartphones and tablets and also with the Point of Sale systems to be able to integrate them in their daily business operations, not just in Singapore, but in all parts of the globe.

BENEFITS of POS System in Restaurants

Over the years, the POS systems have improved tremendously especially for restaurant businesses to be able to accurately keep track of sales, have a better system of communication within the internal operations of the restaurants with regards to orders and also keeping track of stocks. Aside from the reason why businesses has to embrace the new technology, but it helps them create a fast-moving, modern and satisfying work environment for their staff as well as being able to give quality customer service experience for the diners.

Although, not all restaurant owners have embraced in the new technology, you can still find stubborn ones that use outdated F&B POS system Singapore, which can lead oftentimes to a lot of problems especially in security, inaccurate reporting and limited functions that a new POS system can offer. Let’s dig deeper into these POS system problems.


A lot of the old POS systems are not upgradable or does not have the flexibility it offers like most modern POS especially when it comes to taking orders, tracking stocks and payments as well as making some changes or updates. Most of these old POS do not have the credit card possibility – this can only mean that you have to use a separate credit card machine for your POS system. This can be alright, but what if there is a break or lose of connection, what will you do? Your customers do not have the time to wait until this gets sorted – most of the time, this problem takes time to fix.


Of course, if your business encounters a problem with your old POS system, it can take a while and time gets wasted. Also, if the staff keys in the orders to and fro, the time spent running in and out can be minimized if the system had been upgraded to a new modern one.

Having a slow service can be detrimental to the success of the business and not being able to provide your customers the right service, and letting them wait for some time – especially on a restaurant, can be a major let down for a lot of customers. Not only would you lose time, you’d lose your customers as well.


Another big issue that most businesses encounter with an old POS system is the support system. Running out of warranty can be a problem and if it breaks down, you’ll have to find that POS system provider who sold that unit to – chances are and if luck may have it, they are no longer in business. Then you will have to chase a technical person to fix such an outdated POS system. One more thing too, old systems are easy to hack.


Unlike the new F&B POS system Singapore where they have the capability to generate emails to old and new customers, the old POS systems do not have that feature. There is a big chance that your business will be missing out on marketing opportunities and keeping loyal customers with the use of loyalty cards and special offers.

In general, old POS systems are not worth keeping, in fact, if you have the chance to upgrade it, please do so. However, if your POS system do not have that flexibility for an upgrade, then it is high time to invest wisely on a modern restaurant POS system to avoid losing out on sales and keeping abreast with the competitions.

The Benefit of a POS System

The Benefit of a POS System

There are so many benefits in adapting a POS system to your business. This article will enumerate the many advantages in using a POS system Singapore providers have to offer.

Ease of Use

An ideal POS system has to be user-friendly or simple to use – easy for anybody to operate in case there is an employee turnover, the new staff should be able to find it easy to use. The reason why it is important that the POS system has to be easy to use is because when it is the opposite, it costs the company money for training and also the time lost and effort. Another point to consider is that buttons need to be of standard size and easy to press for large fingered operators to be able to use effectively.
Drill down menus should also be minimized is possible because any hidden pages will often get forgotten or overlooked.


Another thing that one needs to consider when getting a POS system is reliability. Having the best POS system is nothing when it is not performing the way you want them to be. It may be obvious, but it still holds true. There are so many business owners that seem to take this for granted and it brings us to our next point – the After Sales Service!
Reliability is very important and it doesn’t just have to be the POS system itself, because when you encounter some problems with your terminal, you need to have someone – an expert, to assist you or answer your phone call. Some businesses prefer to talk to a real person and not an automated logging system.

After Sales Service

A lot of the POS System providers are made to use automated logging service for any problem calls to save costs. It might be cheaper, but it can definitely make people feel frustrated and most especially when they are not fluent in English or their English is just a second language. It is highly recommended to find a POS system provider that can cater to person-to-person calls 24/7, for ease and convenience for their customers.


One good thing with using a POS system is its accuracy. It helps with making sure that the cash balances out properly and with not much effort from the users.


When it comes to money, it is important that any accounting or balancing has to be secure. Theft is really a major concern for any businesses especially in café and restaurant owners. An ideal POS system leaves little to no chance for any theft to take place.

Not taking into account the CCTV cameras that are installed around every corner of the establishment, an ideal POS system needs to have a certain timeframe when the cash register is opened and report who opened it. However, this does not necessarily mean that it will totally stop any theft from happening, but it can reduce instances of it in a significant manner.


Last but not least, every POS system Singapore provides good ergonomics. It should add value to the business – backed up by reliability, professional and easy to use. So if you are looking for the ideal POS system, remember these features and rest assured, you will be happy with your investment.

Securing Your Retail POS Singapore Hacks

Securing Your Retail POS Singapore Hacks

In every business along with the adaptation of technology, it is not uncommon to be the subject of hack attacks. Almost system experiences security vulnerabilities. As for the POS Singapore hacks, most of these hacks are said to be multi-staged, meaning that on the initial phase of the attack, the hacker has to gain access of the network.

So how does this happen? Well, there is only one thing that could cause this and that is when the hacker gets access to an associated network indirectly. Once that is established, they traverse the network which can ultimately lead to the POS system being accessed.

Once they latched on to the Point of Sales system, a malware then attaches itself which is of course programmed by the attacker in order to get what they do best – stealing the data. So as soon as the data is exposed, it will then be directed to the internal staging server, which opens a big opportunity for the hacker to exfiltrate and transfer the data to the attacker’s network.

What’s sad is that there are various tactics that the thief can use in order to access the network of the corporate system. How they are able to access this is by scanning the weak point of their system with the use of SQL injections to the web server or another way is by locating the periphery device which uses a password. They typically use the default password which is from the provider or manufacturer of the POS system.

The possibility of attacking within the corporate’s network, they use a phishing email to a staff in the organization and once that is opened, that email contains malicious attachments or links that will launch the backdoor program that attaches to the victim’s computer.

As soon as the malicious program has infiltrated into the system, then the attackers can then focus on gaining access to their target – the Point of Sales systems. Depending on which tool they use, they are able to hack through the system that way. They have tools to help them map out the entire network and locate the central database. Another tool is to use the login credentials of the user or look inside the system’s weakness. This is the reason why when securing your system and preventing it from getting hacked, enforce a stronger password and limit the number of login attempts a user should try in case they forget their password.

Since we mentioned malwares, let’s get back to it for a while and understand its purpose – though there is no good deal about a malware in the system, but understanding their nature can help in protecting the POS system. Awareness to these attacks is important if you want to protect yourself from getting hacked.

However complex or simple these attacks are to your system, data stolen could never be reversed. Do not compromise your data – secure your POS system from vulnerability attacks by updating the software when needed. Most of these updates are mainly on the security patches, helping your POS system stay protected.

For more information on how to better protect your system from the POS Singapore hacks, seek the help of your POS system provider and take the necessary precautions to prevent any stolen data.

Restaurant POS System Singapore

Restaurant POS System Singapore

Planning to open your own restaurant? You may have had these goals for a while, but now everything is starting to come together.

Making sure that you have all the right things before you finally open the doors to the public is important. An F&B POS system Singapore is just one of the many necessities you will need for your restaurant.

The POS system includes all the equipment needed to make transactions. If you do not have one, you would only be able to accept cash and would have to use a calculator to figure out how much people owe you for their meals. Instead of taking an outdated approach to running the business, simply invest in the equipment that you need to make sales.

A cash register may be the first piece of equipment you choose to buy. There are some people who still use the traditional cash registers, but innovative options are now available that work a lot faster and more efficiently. The upgraded system would include a computer monitor that has a drawer attached to it, which would contain the cash and any change you have received.

Since you are planning to open up a restaurant, you may not need a barcode scanner that some of the business owners would need to scan their merchandise when people buy it. Instead, you could type in the cost of each meal on the cash register right before your patrons are getting ready to leave.

After you have the total amount for their meals right there on the screen, simply choose the option to print it out as a receipt. The waitress or waiter could then bring the patrons their receipt so that they see what they are being charged and can pay for the food they ordered. It is a simple process that ensures you receive payments for the food you sell.

There are some businesses that prefer to accept cash only because they think it is easier. However, you may be able to get more business if you are willing to accept payments with credit cards at your restaurant. Some customers just prefer to carry their debit cards around with them instead of cash.

If you are interested in accepting debit or credit cards, you are going to need a credit card reader. The card readers are easy to obtain and there are lots of options available. In fact, there are some portable options to choose from if that is something that interests you.

There are card readers that you could connect to your smartphone or tablet too. Over these past few years, it has become a lot easier to accept payments from customers because of all the different options that are offered.

If you have yet to get an F&B POS system Singapore for the restaurant, now may be the time to get one. You want to make sure that you have everything you need before you end up celebrating the grand opening and start to serve the customers who come into your restaurant.

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