Success Story – Infineon Technologies

Success Story – Infineon Technologies

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About Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies is a German semiconductor manufacturer founded in 1999, with over 35,424 employees worldwide.

Client Objectives

To promote workforce productivity, Infineon HR Team in APAC Region were looking for a solution that would increase employee eat-in rate at staff canteen and encourage the choice of healthy diets among employees in the form of meal subsidy.

In addition, Infineon HR Team also wanted to monitor consumption trends to improve on future offerings to increase employees satisfaction as well as reduce food wastage.

What We Did

Equip F&B POS System using CHD8700 Integrated with Staff Benefit Program Module. The POS system is also integrated to Infineon existing Employee Database, which allows employees to use their badges for identification.

Infineon HR Team in Singapore are the first to implement the system. They can create Staff Benefit Program anytime. Employees are now able to enjoy cheaper canteen meals by simply scanning their employee badges and be rewarded for making healthier choices.


By implementing the new POS system, Infineon Technologies has improved its workforce productivity and promoted healthy eating to their staff. The HR Team in Singapore are satisfied with the performance of the system in achieving the objectives they have set out.

With the success of the POS system implemented in Singapore, Infineon Regional HR Team planned to roll out the system to other manufacturing plants in APAC.

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