Save time and money
Automated inventory will in save you time that now allows you to spend on identifying your best sellers and ensuring they are sufficiently stocked. What’s more, updating inventory is now one less administrative task for you to do, so you can use your time to promote and expand your business.
Our software has the option to go cloud based, allowing you to access information about your stock from anywhere. This means that if you can provide access to your staff if you have a remote office, a remote workforce or just someone who has to use the ERP system while at home or while away at a conference.

Setting goods restock levels

It’s one thing to have your stock automatically update across all of your channels, but what about when you need to order more stock? Most (good) inventory systems come with a preset reorder value that automatically sends off a purchase order to your supplier.
Our Equip management system has a built-in reporting element to save you time when identifying your viral products. In business, stock is the greatest asset, so forecasting and planning for your popular items is vital to increase sales over multiple channels.

Reduce Human Error
As your business expands, you face increased pressure to send out the correct product at the appropriate time and to the exact location, while ensuring your product is of good quality.  As these orders are processed, the risk for human error grows because the orders must be assigned to specific warehouses and handled by several members of different teams.
Our software allows for businesses to streamline their warehouse operations because the software collects information in one centralized place, administrators can easily manage the stock in multiple locations as well as any 3rd party partners. This streamlines management of the entire stock process and helps improve delivery times, in effect increasing customer satisfaction.

Manage stock and customers
Manually updating your stock across all of your channels can be a very tiresome process. You can feel like you are up to your eyeballs in spreadsheets, especially if you have a large product range. Here is where the issue of overselling and underselling materializes, when you manually manage your inventory.
Prevent disappointing your customer by informing them that the product is no longer available. With our inventory management software you will automatically be able to update your stock across all of your channels to avoid this problem.

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