Multichannel vs. Omnichannel: Which Retail POS System is Right for You?

Discover the transformative power of omnichannel and multichannel retailing in the dynamic realm of retail. Uncover the key differences and interrelation between these progressive concepts. Explore the significance of adapting to these evolving strategies and choose the right retail POS system for seamless omnichannel integration.

Understanding Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel retailing is a holistic and customer-centric practice that seamlessly integrates various channels to influence customer purchase decisions. This approach involves conveying the purpose and usability of each channel while demonstrating an awareness of the customer’s individual journey stage through aligned methods.

Customers, under the omnichannel umbrella, view these channels as components of an integrated marketplace rather than isolated silos. This allows them to make purchases across channels, experiencing a cohesive journey irrespective of the multitude of available options.

How Omnichannel Works

In the contemporary landscape, the customer journey is far from linear, encompassing touchpoints ranging from online platforms and social media to physical stores, emails, and instant messaging. For instance:

Navigating the Omnichannel Retail Experience with Brand A

This dynamic process ensures a connected, cross-device experience, emphasizing real-time continuity for customers.

The Significance of Omnichannel Retailing

According to a recent Accenture study, over 70% of customers browse multiple channels before making a purchase decision. Here’s how omnichannel retailing contributes to an integrated customer experience:

  • Aligns marketing strategy based on customer behavior across channels.
  • Removes boundaries between sales and marketing channels, creating a unified marketplace.
  • Offers a seamless shopping experience regardless of the customer’s location, device, or channel.

By merging touchpoints, omnichannel retailing provides a combined experience, reflecting customised product messages across various channels.

Understanding Multichannel Retailing

Contrastingly, multichannel retailing focuses on leveraging various touchpoints to influence customer decisions, ranging from websites and emails to ads, social media, and physical retail stores. It is a product-centric approach aimed at maximizing revenue and customer loyalty through diverse options and convenience.

How Multichannel Works

In a multichannel scenario, a customer may:

  • Browse items on Brand A’s website.
  • Visit the local retail store to consider an in-person purchase.
  • Discover the store lacks the desired item, resulting in an online purchase.
  • After a few days, the store restocks, leading to a belated customer outreach.

Crucially, in multichannel retailing, communication between channels is limited, and each channel functions as a separate marketplace.

Differentiating Omnichannel and Multichannel Retailing

While both strategies involve retailing across multiple channels, the key difference lies in how the customer experience is harmonised. Key distinctions include:

  • Multichannel retailing treats channels as independent silos, while omnichannel creates a unified and seamless customer experience.
  • Omnichannel integrates marketing and selling across channels, accounting for spillover between them.
  • Multichannel is product-centric, allowing customers to engage wherever they prefer, while omnichannel is more customer-centric, ensuring a consistent experience.

A graphic displaying the differences between multichannel, omnichannel and single channel retailing

Choosing the Right Approach

The decision between omnichannel and multichannel depends on various factors. Traditional multichannel retailers may face challenges in providing a seamless, unified customer experience. Resources, such as IT investment and expertise, are crucial considerations when transitioning to omnichannel.

In Conclusion

As the eCommerce landscape evolves, omnichannel and multichannel strategies stand out as transformative approaches to maximize revenue through diverse channels. While omnichannel is gaining momentum, it presents challenges that require thoughtful consideration.

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