Edgeworks Supports SMEs Program

Edgeworks Supports SMEs Program

An initiative by our SMEs With Edge program. 

We want to support you during the Covid-19 season. This is going to be a long fight. As much as we can, we want to offer our support to our clients for the following: 

Free Maintenance & Hosting Extension

Edgeworks customers get a free 2-month extension to ensure that your businesses go on as usual. We are here for you. 

Free 2-month Business Insight Dashboard Trial

Analyze your business performance with our Business Insight Dashboard. Gain insights & strategize for growth.

Bring Your Business Online With e-Dabao Web App

Continue to engage your customers during CB period. Bring your business online at only $99. 

CRM App Setup Fee Waiver

Acquire, retain & increase your customers’ lifetime value with our CRM app. 

Save Up To 98% With Cash Grant

Claim up to 98% of government subsidy when you apply for the PSG grant along with SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit. 

Talk to us today to find out more.

Uninterrupted Maintenance Support

Uninterrupted Maintenance Support

Is your business covered by maintenance? Maintenance is defined as “the process of preserving a condition or situation or the state of being preserved.” in the Oxford Dictionary.

In Edgeworks, SMEs get to enjoy a 6-month service guarantee period upon the successful implementation of our solutions. In addition, SMEs will receive a 12-month complimentary maintenance. With this, business owners can focus on delivering good customer service.

We understand that many of our SMEs are affected by the Covid-19 situations and we want to play a part in supporting our local business to continue. Through the Edgeworks Supports SMEs initiative, at least 3% of our current customers get to enjoy an extension in their maintenance package while we battle the circuit breaker measures. 

We have received appreciative notes from our customers to thank us for this gesture. If you’re currently using Edgeworks’ solutions for your business, come and talk with us on getting your business covered with our maintenance packages. 

Edgeworks will also be releasing our new maintenance packages to provide more support to our SMEs in the month of June. So, what are you waiting for?

Is your business part of the PEPPOL Network- nationwide E-Invoicing framework?

Is your business part of the PEPPOL Network- nationwide E-Invoicing framework?

What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL stands for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line. It’s a network with a standardized structure for the exchange of ebusiness documents. For instance, E-Invoice, E-Advance Shipping Notes, E-Catalogues, Message Level Responses and E-Orders. In Singapore, IMDA has adopted the E-Invoicing framework model.

PEPPOL is owned & maintained by the non-profit organisation OpenPEPPOL, and governed by a multilateral agreement structure. It was formed from the EU’s need for cross-border interoperability in public procurement processes & has gone on to prove its relevance outside Europe and for business-to-business interoperability.

IMDA has implemented the nationwide E-Invoicing network on 9 January 2019 with certified Access Points and Solution Providers offering services to help businesses improve efficiency, reduce cost, enjoy faster payment cycles, access to new financing options and build a strong foundation for digitalisation. 

Benefits of PEPPOL

E-invoicing offers the following main business benefits.

  • Cost reduction & improve efficiency: Moving from paper to e-invoices eliminates or reduces several costs to businesses such as storage and retrieval costs.
  • Faster payment cycles via improved verification and validation: E-invoicing can accelerate invoice processing and payment times1. A common standard would allow quicker validation and reduce payment processing delays. According to Enterprise Singapore’s 2 SME Financing Survey 2017, delays in customer payments was the top finance-related concern. The survey also noted three in five SMEs faced delayed payments from customers.
  • Access to new financing options: E-invoicing allows for accurate and near-real time visibility of payment cycles. This enables better business sustainability and growth through efficient cash flow management. It also has the potential to enable more efficient supply-chain financing that could increase working capital and liquidity.Cost reduction: Moving from paper to e-invoices eliminates or reduces several costs to businesses such as storage and retrieval costs.

Digitized invoices sent via emails vs PEPPOL

You may be wondering what is the difference sending a PDF invoice to your client vs using PEPPOL network. Let’s look at it from various perspective.

From the buyer’s view,

  1. The staff needs to manually enter the pdf invoices received from suppliers. This increases the risk data entry error & time spent in sorting out the invoices.
  2. Email might get lost or being treated as a spam email. That resulted in payment delay

Businesses can get connected to the network through certified Access Point providers or Peppol Ready Solution Providers (such as ERP or Accounting solutions on the cloud) with solutions already connected to the network.

How does PEPPOL work?

Generally, Businesses will likely connect to the network in one of the three common scenarios below.

Business with own enterprise system – Connect to the Network via an Access Point directly.

Business using a service provider’s solution – Subscribe to cloud-based financial solutions from PEPPOL ready solution providers which are connected to the network.

Business using lightweight solution – Subscribe to a low-cost lightweight E-Invoicing solution from a PEPPOL ready solution provider that offers such services to have hassle-free access to the network.

Our Wholesale Solution is now PEPPOL ready

Using our Wholesale solution has never been easier to send E-Invoicing to your customer. We will do a one-time configuration to connect to the PEPPOL network. Every time when you have a new client who is on PEPPOL network, you can simply set up their company information & start transacting with them & send them the E-Invoices via PEPPOL.

Edgeworks Wholesale Solution is eligible for PSG Pre-Approved Grant

Our Wholesale solution is specially designed for the wholesale industry. Automate your sales order process, integrated inventory & CRM. Everything you need to take your business to the next level!

More than 2,000 customers prefer Edgeworks

  • Access your data anytime, anywhere
  • Peppol network ready
  • Formal invoice, purchase order, inventory, CRM
  • Multi-tier pricing, pre-order module
  • Integrate with accounting system & ERP
  • And many more great features…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

From everyone at Edgeworks Solutions, we wish you Merry Christmas & a great year ahead! Thank you for sharing your passion with us & allowing us to be part of your business journey. 

Next year will be an awesome year! We have a lot of new & exciting plans for you. So stay tuned!

Office Closure Notice

Please take note that our office will be closed for the following dates: 
24 December 19, Christmas Eve from 2pm
25 December 19, Christmas 
31 December 19, New Year Eve from 2pm

Last but not least, we will continue to serve you & grow together with you. 

Do check out the PSG Grant if you haven’t applied it & would like to find out more. 

Have a great time of celebration, cheers! 

Simplify Payment Integration To Your POS System – FOMO Pay

Simplify Payment Integration To Your POS System – FOMO Pay

In the digital era, our customers have the power to decide how they want to shop, when they want to shop & how they want to pay. As the mode of payments is getting more complex, many merchants find it difficult to catch up. In addition to all the credit card payments, we now need to adopt eWallet payment too. If you are having difficulty maintaining multiple-payment method, we have good news for you – A single payment system that manages all your QR payment & it seamlessly integrates with our POS System.

FOMO PAY To The Rescue

Many merchants can identify the pain of managing multiple-payment. Our finance department has to tally all the transactions one by one on the bank statement. This takes up a lot of time and effort. With FOMO Pay, you can consolidate all your cashless payment processing in our POS System. All your cashier needs to do is to select FOMO Pay when the customer is checking out. The rest of the process will be taken care of by our POS. Hassle-free.

The Benefits Of FOMO Pay:

All-in-one Solution

With FOMO Pay, you can accept major ewallet payment types – WeChat Pay, AliPay, Grab Pay, Pay Now and more.

Lowest Pricing* No Hidden Fees

No setup fee, no management fee, and probably the lowest processing rate (T&C applies). Best rate for your desired settlement currency.*

Advanced Security

FOMO pay has automatic fraud screening, 24-hour transaction monitoring and protection policies. You don’t need to worry about security.

Real-time reporting

Get the transaction insights you need anytime you want and anywhere you want. The refund can be done via the backend system as well.

Know where you stand

FOMO Pay makes it easy to track your transactions so that you know what to expect and most importantly understand your customers.

Easy & Fast Integration

FOMO payment solution is already integrated into our POS System and help simplify your reporting, compliance and back-office systems, regardless of whether you are a small, medium or big company.

Before you go, here’s a quick video demo on how FOMO Pay works.

Contact us today to arrange for a free demo <Here> 

Government Grants available in Singapore for Retail Businesses – Part 1

Government Grants available in Singapore for Retail Businesses – Part 1

Are you running a retail business in Singapore? Retail businesses in Singapore can be expensive to start and to run. Thankfully, the Singapore government is helping SMEs (retailers included) with grants or financial assistance. What are kinds of financial assistance are available and how can we use it? Let’s dive in.

First and foremost, because government policies change over time, you need to know where to get the latest and most updated information. One important website that is very helpful is SME Portal (https://smeportal.sg). This website is brought to you by Enterprise Singapore which is the Singaporean government agency that champions enterprise development. SME Portal, in their own words, is the first stop for Singaporean SME owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for information, tools and services that can help them build sustainable and competitive businesses.

This website contains plenty of information on starting a business in Singapore and the means to get the support required. One of the most important area where our Singapore government is focusing on is the adoption of technology to SMEs, including retailers. This actually make perfect sense. Retail businesses can benefit from automation through digital solutions. Currently, retailers are heavily disrupted by online channels. It is no longer enough to run a retail business without any understanding and capability in technology. The good news is, there is a grant called PSG (Productivity Solutions Grant) that can subsidise up to 70% of the cost of technology adoption for productivity improvement.

There are many areas in our retail businesses that can be improved by technology. Things like integrated retail management solution: from Point of Sales systems, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, and even integration with e-commerce. These solutions will help you to better plan your inventory and merchandising, understand your customer segment and blend your online and offline sales effectively. Our company Edgeworks, provide such solutions and are listed as one of pre-approved vendor for PSG grant.

So how does the PSG grant work and what does the application process look like?

  • Visit TechDepot section in SME Portal. TechDepot is a dedicated section in SME Portal website that covers technology solutions.
  • Access the list of supported solutions in TechDepot and identify the relevant solutions and vendor that meet your needs.
  • Get a quotation from the pre-approved vendors of your choice
  • After deciding the preferred vendor, do not purchase it yet. Submit an application on the Business Grant Portal (BGP). After your application has been approved, you can then purchase the solutions from the vendor.
  • You will need to purchase the solution in full price first and then the cost of the solution will be re-imbursed to you for up to 70% at the completion of the project.

To qualify for the grant is pretty straightforward. You need to be a registered business in Singapore and is operating in Singapore. The solution that you purchased must be used in Singapore. For selected solutions, you will need to have a minimum of 30% local shareholding (Singaporean or PR).

Stay tuned, in the coming blog posts we will discuss more on how to apply for PSG grant in details and also other grants available for retailers. Just drop us an email below to get the latest updates from us.


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