Edgeworks CRM App

Our CRM reward app delivers the loyalty programs that you need to engage your customers. Now you can acquire new customers, retain them and increase their lifetime value with ease.

Edgeworks CRM Reward App

Stay Connected

Engage your customers with our CRM reward app anytime, any place. Push promotions and rewards at your fingertips. Create irresistible offers and increase your sales.

Omnichannel Experience

Designed focusing on Retailers and Food industries. No need to synchronise your data anymore as our CRM reward app provides a seamless experience for both your customers and businesses.

Make It Easy

No fuss in setting up. Our CRM reward app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices so you can reach all your customers and purchases are as easy as 123.

The Power To
Build Your Business

“63% of high-performing marketers are already using loyalty program platforms to engage their customers.”

Customers are unique. We must offer our best value to the best customers in order to maximize loyalty & profitability.

Feature Highlights 

  • Centralised customers data management
  • Compatible to iOS, Android & web browsers
  • Membership profile management
  • Membership rewards management
  • Member stored-value module
  • Special event trigger module
  • In-app ordering 
  • In-app credit card payment
  • Integration with EquipPOS
  • Business Insight with analytics & reports

The Mobile App & Web Browser Experience

Membership Module
  • Members can sign up using mobile number, email address (with OTP, without the need to remember password)
  • Members can view their stamps, points, vouchers
  • Members can redeem voucher using points
Ordering Module
  • Merchant can set up different promotions to engage members
  • Create gift card/ voucher
  • Stamps, points or voucher redemption program
Promotion Module
  • Members can place order directly from the CRM app
  • Members can link their credit card to the CRM app and make in-app payments

Integrated with Edgeworks POS System

Centralized Database
  • Members’ data stays synchronised with our EquipPOS regardless of where they make purchases, be it directly in-store or via the CRM app
Checkout Using CRM App
  • Members can checkout using the CRM app by scanning the QR code
  • Redeem points or vouchers can also be done at the counter

Merchant Backend Management Made Easy

Analytics & Business Insight Dashboard
  • Understand your members’ engagement through the use of Analytics. You can plan smarter strategies for your next marketing campaigns.
Membership Management Module
  • Membership tier with different benefits at each tier
  • Membership Renewal, Upgrade, and Downgrade
  • Paid membership with benefits
  • Auto upgrade membership by total purchase amount at certain period
  • Auto-renew Membership by points
  • Auto downgrade Membership upon Expiry 
  • Members suspension & removal
Specific Event Trigger Module
  • Member Birthday
  • New Signup
  • New Signup First Purchase
  • New Referral Signup
  • New Referral First Purchase
  • Membership Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Award Vouchers to one or multiple members
  • Award Points to one or multiple members

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