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Your dining experience on our F&B POS Solutions

We help F&B businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bars, quick-service F&B streamline their orders and sales process with our F&B POS system.
A business’s most important asset is its staff – but sometimes, they work harder than ever before just to keep up! We provide you with an efficient way of handling transactions during operations by providing a complete solution that includes all the necessary tools for success, including:

– Frontend F&B POS System

– QR Ordering Platform

-Kitchen Display System (KDS)

-Customer Loyalty Management

-Recipe Management

-Point Of Sale hardware & System Integration Services

With these services we can avoid any potential pitfalls down line, so your team doesn’t have increased workloads or lose time on paperwork. Business operations will run smoothly and seamlessly.

F&B POS System

Ordering Food Made Simple


With the help of our Solutions, the process of ordering food is much simpler than before. You will be able to edit unlimited menus and food items in our solutions. Customers can use a tablet ordering system to place orders in your quick-service restaurant.

All sales transactions will be captured, and comprehensive product sales reports will be available for further analysis.

Some of the features that are available in our F&B POS system include:

  • Adding condiments/attributes to food items
  • Multiple payment types
  • Configurable receipt layout
  • Print out queue number for item collection
  • Printing of food item to kitchen for preparation
  • Voiding with supervisor approval

Seamless Dining Workflow

With the integration of our F&B POS Solutions, your staff will work in a more productive way as all the table layout setup and table management can be viewed all at once in a system which improves table allocation efficiency. Most of the time, having a wrong order written by order-takers will cause problem in the kitchen where they prepare the food.

To reduce the chances of this problem, food item receipts will be printed upon taking the orders directly from customers. There will be different kitchen printers for different types of food, which is made easier for the chefs preparing different cuisines.

These features will help your F&B business achieve a better result:

  • Multiple ordering stations
  • PDA ordering
  • Multiple payment types and partial payments
  • Manage takeaways
  • Discounts and service charge
Restaurant POS System
Restaurant Point Of Sale In Singapore

Easy Hardware Integration


As opposed to traditional way of taking orders, our F&B Quick Service POS System in Singapore uses a variety of hardware to give your business more accessibility while increasing productivity.

Some examples of hardware we provide include:

  • Touch screen terminals
  • Kitchen printers
  • Handheld PDA or tablet
  • Cash drawer
  • Barcode scanner

Scalable Features

In order to increase business capabilities in coping with daily business operations, we have various features available for you. As your business grows, Edgeworks’ F&B POS system grows along with you. Our features are scalable.

Here are some features:

  • Inventory management
  • Stock take
  • Track stock wastages
  • Recipe Management
  • e-Menu using iPad/Android tablet
  • Consolidate sales of multiple outlets
Quick Service POS System
Quick Service Restaurant POS

Integration with Delivery Platform


Our Quick Service Restaurant POS System integrations with delivery platforms – an effective way to expand your business and offer new services.

Our integration includes: 

  • Grab Food
  • Foodpanda
  • Equip Orders
  • eCommerce Platforms

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    Customer Rewards Program Software

    F&B Point Of Sale
    You Can Depend On

    Features of F&B Point of Sale

    • Restaurant table layout
    • Assign guest to table
    • Monitor empty, occupied & billed table
    • Change table, merge & split table
    • Create unlimited menu categories
    • Create unlimited food items
    • Send ordered food to kitchen printing
    • Route food to specific kitchen printer
    • Rearrange table layout
    • Food condiments & attributes
    • Send kitchen messages
    • Fast food mode & take away
    • Queue number & print label sticker
    • Apply discount, service charge & GST
    • View & amend invoices
    • End-of-day closing
    • Performs goods receive
    • Recipe management
    • Deduct stock based on recipe
    • Perform stock take
    • View remaining stock balance
    • Alert when stock quantity is low


    • Keep a complete members database
    • Customer grouping
    • Track customer ID with each receipt
    • View customer purchase history
    • Apply members discount


      • Sales by categories or food items
      • Sales by outlets 
      • Daily collection reports
      • Sales by customers
      • Stock balance report
      • Stock take report
      • Integrate sales of multiple outlets
      • View sales of outlets from the internet

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