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To perform a payment mode setup, kindly perform the steps below:
1. To access payment mode setup, proceed to equipweb

2. Login by supervisor id and password

3. Point to System Setup until a drop-down list appear

4. Click on Payment Mode Setup

5. Click on the payment ID column to sort the ID no. and find out the latest number (No. 19 is latest)

6. Click on Add New button

7. Fill in all related information
-Latest ID into Active Payment ID box (No. 20)
-Payment Name
-Tick on Allow Extra
-Tick on Show Remark 1 if applicable (usually for voucher payment to record voucher no.)

8. Click on Save button until a message “Payment Mode Setup saved.” appears above Active Payment ID then payment mode is successfully added

9. To double-check whether payment already inside POS, minimize the equipweb and proceed to POS

10. Click on an item and Confirm button for payment mode selection

11. After the amount is confirmed, click on Settle button

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