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To perform set item balance, kindly perform the steps below
1. Click on Exit button to exit from the order screen
– Click on OK once windows “Are you sure you want to cancel an order? pop-out”

2. To access menu option, click on dot that beside EXIT word

3. Click on Stock Balance button from the drop-down list

4. Click on Search button to call out all the items with a stock record
– Confirm the quantity before stock take

5. Click on Close to exit from Stock Balance screen

6. Click on dot again that beside EXIT word to access Stock Take the button

7. Click on the empty box under Scan Product and scan the item

8. Click on 0.00 to insert the number that currently has in the store

9. Difference between store and system will show under +/-

10. Click on ADJUST STOCK TAKE after quantity to adjust is confirm

11. Click on EXiT to exit from stock take screen
-click on Yes once windows “Are you sure? All changes will be lost? pop-out”

12. Go back to Stock balance to verify the quantity of the item that stocktake

13. Click on Close to exit from Stock Balance screen

14. To access Order Screen, click on the round table

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