Edgeworks FnB Void & Redo Transaction

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To perform a void transaction, kindly perform the steps below
1. Login by cashier name and password

2. To void a transaction after aware of key wrongly

3. Exit from order screen by clicking on the Exit button
-click on OK once windows “Are you sure you want to cancel an order? pops out”

4. Click on View button that beside EXIT button

5. All transaction for today will appear

6. Click on the View button for that transaction to be voided

7. Click on VOID and login with supervisor id and password for authorization

8. Fill in reason once window pop out and click on Accept button

9. Click on OK when window “Order voided successfully” prompt

10. The voided transaction row will fill with red color after void

11. Click on Close to exit from the View screen

12. Click on the round table to the order screen

13. Redo the order correctly and proceed to payment

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