Edgeworks Fastfood Partial Refund Transaction

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To perform a partial refund, kindly perform the steps below
1. Click on Refund in order screen and log in by supervisor id and password for authorization

2. Enter receipt no. without OR from receipt hardcopy and click on OK

3. All items purchased will list out with -1 quantity & prices

4. Select the item and click on X for an item that does not refund
– Click on OK when window “You need to enter a non-negative number for quantity” pops out
– Left the only item that needs to refund

5. Click on $$$ to return money to a customer for refunded item

6. To check the refund transaction, click on the Exit button
– Click on OK once windows “Are you sure you want to cancel an order? pops out”

7. Click on View to check refund transaction

8. Click on Close to exit from the View screen

9. Click on the round table to go back to the order screen

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