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CHD7800 POS-Retail Terminal

POS Terminal CHD 7800

CHD 7800 destined to be either POS Terminal or Panel PC, casts modern existence for its 15” true flat touch panel and streamlining shape. No matter which role it plays, CHD 7800 was born with a fanless system without boring noise that makes it perfectly fit to a variety of locations. In case it is placed in harsh environment, CHD 7800 incorporates die casting technology to its stand so as to give carefree utilization.

  • Meets the most advanced design requirements
  • Borderless construction with P-CAP multi-touch display
  • Rugged housing made by aluminum die-casting casing
  • Fanless terminal and low power consumption
  • Fingerprint & ibutton selectable
  • SSD disk drive
  • Magnetic strip card reader
  • Variety of peripherals stand with adapter housing
  • 15” LCD display with P-CAP Touch Panel
  • Intel® Celeron® G3965U
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi/BT built in, 4G/LTE as option
  • Designed to accommodate CHD TH508 printer
  • Variable display height and angle
  • Robust Aluminum Alloy (die-casting) housing and stand
  • Easy system maintenance

CHD TH-508 Thermal Printer

  • Heavy duty
  • Vertical or horizontal placement on table
  • USB, Ethernet and RS232 interfaces
  • Microsoft® Windows™, MacOS, Linux and OPOS drivers available
CHD508 Thermal Printer
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