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Large and small retailers alike are turning to our Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) System because it offers them the most effective way to manage their retail business. From frontend POS System to inventory management and integration with eCommerce & Marketplace, Edgeworks Solutions’ Retail POS Solution has got you covered.

Retail POS Singapore

Retail Point of Sales You Can Depend On


Edgeworks’ innovative retail POS solution seeks to streamline your retail operations in Singapore with our useful features, ultimately enabling you to be more efficient in completing your daily tasks. We firmly believe that our retail point of sale system is all you need to boost your operational efficiency by achieving these goals:

Refine Sales Management Process

or your retail business to consistently hit and even surpass its sales targets, it is essential that your sales management is supported by strategies that enhance the process.

Our POS system helps you achieve that with these features:

  • Identify top-selling products and categories
  • View multiple outlets sales from HQ
  • Reward salesperson performance
  • Manage and schedule delivery
  • Capture sales store accurately
  • Provide discount and promotional campaigns

Robust Inventory Management

Balancing between having sufficient products to meet sales demands and avoiding excessive inventory, it is critical to secure a dependable inventory management system.

Our retail POS solutions include these features to make that possible:

  • Manage inventory of multiple locations
  • Maintain optimal inventory level
  • Stock transfer among outlets
  • Conduct stock take with ease
  • Purchase Orders
  • Stock low alert
Retail POS System Singapore
Singapore Retail POS System

Promote Customer Loyalty


Customer retention is the by-product of a customer’s positive experience with you that eventually creates trust. To effortlessly maintain the ongoing relationship, organising your business’ clients in a trackable way is key.

These features in our Retail POS system helps you remain in touch with your customers:

  • Share customer database across multiple outlets
  • Easily create and manage loyalty system
  • Effectively maintain customers’ records
  • Identify top-selling customers
  • Analyse customer history

ERP, eCommerce and Marketplace Integration


The seamless integration of ERP, eCommerce and marketplace business practices is one way that our Retail Solution will revolutionise the sales process. All information flows together at once definitely helps you to make better decision business enterprise!

Our Integration includes:

ERP: SAP, Microsoft Business Central, Sage…

eCommerce: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento…

Marketplace: Lazada, Shopee, Grab, Tokopedia…

Accounting System: XERO, Quickbook, Autocount, Moneyworks…

Retail POS Solution
Retail POS Solution Singapore

View Comprehensive Reports From Anywhere

To make well-informed decisions for your business, it is vital to have access to extensive information.

These features allow you to view your reports from anywhere:

  • View reports of all of your outlets from anywhere through the internet
  • Comprehensive reports that can improve your decision making
  • Mobile access to your important KPI
  • Clear visibility of your business

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    Retail Point Of Sale
    You Can Depend On

    Features of EQuipPOS Retail

    • Real-time sales transaction
    • Salesperson tagging
    • Item discount
    • Bill discount
    • Discount preset
    • Hold/Unhold transaction
    • Refund
    • Display product image
    • Transaction remarks
    • Daily closing
    • Payment method preset
    • Accept mixed-payment
    • Stock low alert
    • Real-time inventory tracking
    • Good receive
    • Stock transfer among outlets
    • Unlimited product creation with multiple attributes
    • View stock balance of individual outlets or combined
    • View both quantity and dollar value of inventory
    • Stock transfers between outlets
    • Stock adjustments with authorizations
    • Stock Taking (Comparing system quantities with physical stock)
    • Stock issue
    • Low stock quantity alert to avoid under-stocking
    • Printing of barcode labels for tagging
    • Stock card report
    • Keep a record of historical stock movements
    • Customer database storing
    • Multiple customer grouping
    • Search for customers by various attributes
    • View top customers
    • View customers’ past purchases
    • View product sales by customers
    • Auto apply membership discounts by customer type
    • Birthday list
    • Reward Point system – accumulate rewards & redemption
    • Membership expiry and renewals
    • Synchronise member’s data across multiple outlets
    • Synchronise point rewards information across multiple outlets in real-time
    • Loyalty & Reward Point
    • Multi-outlet control
    • Outlet Ordering
    • Mobile Inventory
    • SAP
    • Navision
    • Microsoft Dynamic
    • Synergix
    • Odoo
    • Deskara
    • Netsuite
    • Sage
    • WooCommerce
    • Shopify
    • Magento 2
    • Presta Shop
    • Open Cart
    • Xero
    • Quickbook
    • Million
    • Enterpryze

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