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Self-Service Checkout & Payment Kiosk, Offering A Better Customer Experience

The latest trend for Supermarket, self-checkout technology. Easy, fast and seamless making your retail customers spend lesser time in queue for payment.

Simple Steps, Great Benefits

The latest trend for Supermarket, self-checkout counters technology. Easy, fast and seamless making your retail customers spent lesser time in queue for payment.

With our self-service kiosk and counters, we can promote the use of digital payment modes such as nets and credit cards, so as to reduce reliance on cash.

For customers who still prefer to pay by cash, we can integrate the self-payment kiosk into the self-service kiosk. This will eliminate human efforts from your staff and ensure accurate change is dispense to your customers.

Edgeworks POS System Singapore

Edgeworks POS System Singapore
Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Edgeworks POS System Singapore
Wholesale Business

Edgeworks SElf-Checkout Kiosk

Self-Checkout Kiosk

In the world of technology, there is no lookout more high-tech than a self checkout kiosk. These machines allow customers to scan their items themselves and then pay for them using cash or credit card without any need in assistance from an employee.

The Edgeworks Self-Checkout Kiosks are perfect if you’re looking forward making your business more efficient by cutting down on costs associated with human workers; not only does it reduce staff times but also maximizes profits because every second counts when people are waiting around at.

Self-Payment Cash Recycle Machine

A compact cash recycling that delivers efficiencies for cash withdrawal and deposits by recycling coins and managing excess into a secure overflow box. Minimising the risk of cash shrinkage, theft and fraud is key to optimising the cash cycle. It integrates with our POS System real-time. 

Our intuitive self-payment kiosk integrates perfectly with our self-checkout kiosk. It helps to ease your staffs from refilling recycled cash notes and coins during busy hours.

With Self-service Kiosk, queue timing will get shorter and staffs can focus on servicing the customers, increase productivity in the long run.


Edgeworks POS System Singapore
Edgeworks POS System Singapore

Install Self-payment Cash Recycle Machine To your POS Station

Deploying cash automation in a retail environment will be an ease of mind. All your POS station can be integrated Edgeworks POS system and your cashier will not have to worries about giving inaccurate change.

The self-payment machines can also act as an automated cash vault and reduce cash exposure.

The goal of implementing self-checkout system is to improve productivity, reduce your manpower cost and most importantly, customers retention. With a shorter waiting time, you are confident that your customers will be happy to visit your shops again & again.

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