Wholesale Point Of Sale You Can Depend On

Scalable Wholesale Point of Sales

Equip Wholesale Management POS is built on top of the Retail POS and have the functionality of retail POS with customised features cater to the wholesale industry.

Edgeworks wholesale management system is Peppol-ready

With the E-Invoicing on our wholesale management system, you will improve efficiency, reduce cost, enjoy faster payment cycles, access to new financing options and build a strong foundation for business. 

Scalable Wholesale Point of Sales

Equip Wholesale Management POS is built on top of the Retail POS and have the functionality of retail POS with customised features cater to the wholesale industry.

Wholesale Point of Sale You Can Depend On

Wholesale business requires powerful, fast & reliable POS system to handle your operations. Time is money.

  • Delivery management. Capture customer details and arrange a date and time slot for delivery. Able to indicate if the customer is self collection, require delivery or need delivery + installations.
  • Mobile POS for sales person to view the product details and generate invoice on the spot on a tablet if the store has multiple level (difficult to climb up and down)
  • Allow customer to pay deposit and receive the remaining payment upon delivery and installations. Track outstanding installments
  • Product pictures on POS, receipt, reports and also on mobile POS app.
  • Keep track of stock on display as well as those in the warehouse. Allow purchase of item in the outlet while deduct the stock on warehouse when doing order fulfillment.
  • Provide users the assurance of sufficient inventory without the need for constant monitoring. By reducing monitoring costs, users will then be able to utilize their resources more efficiently.
  • Through the setting of privileges, users can ensure that the required authority to approve inventory movement is the same authority that can input inventory movement data.

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Benefits Of Wholesale Point Of Sale

Integrated Payment Tracking

Manual tracking partial payments is difficult. With an integrated system, the business is able to reduce the work load in collecting the outstanding amount

Reduce Manual Delivery Tracking

Allow multiple outlet to set delivery time instantly and share which are the available delivery slot.

Improve Internal Control

Only assign the necessary privileges to the relevant personnel.

Better Strategic Decisions

Identify top salesperson/ products to achieve better strategy planning for your business.

Reduce Implementation Time

User-friendly design reduces the learning curve to the minimum.

Digitize Documentation

Lessen the need for messy paperwork and improve the efficiency of retrieving documents.

Benefits of E-Invoicing


Features Of The Main Modules

  • PEPPOL-ready
  • Generate sales invoices
  • Apply discounts and promotions
  • Hold and recall sales receipts
  • Assign members to receipt
  • Assign sales person to receipt
  • Capture remarks
  • Purchase & redeem reward points
  • View members’ past purchases
  • Void receipt with authorised approval
  • Print and reprint receipt
  • Configurable receipt layout
  • Multiple payment types
  • Partial payments: Deposit & balance payment
  • Arrange delivery of items
  • Voucher management
  • Unlimited hot keys buttons
  • Sell item combos
  • End-of-day settlement
  • Auto email total sales of the day for each outlets
  • Synchronize sales of all outlets to backend system via internet
  • Unlimited product creation with multiple attributes
  • View stock balance of individual outlets or combined
  • View both quantity and dollar value of inventory
  • Create purchase orders
  • Perform goods received
  • Stock transfers between outlets
  • Stock adjustments with authorizations
  • Stock Taking (Comparing system quantities with physical stock)
  • Low stock quantity alert to avoid under-stocking
  • Integration with mobile computer or tablet
  • Printing of barcode labels for tagging
  • Stock card report
  • Keep record of historical stock movements
  • Real time inventory across outlets
  • Customer database storing
  • Multiple customer grouping
  • Search for customers by various attributes
  • View top customers
  • View customers’ past purchases
  • View product sales by customers
  • Auto apply membership discounts by customer type
  • Birthday list
  • Reward Point system – accumulate reward & redemption
  • Membership expiry and renewals
  • Synchronize member’s data across multiple outlets
  • Synchronize point rewards information across multiple outlet in real time
  • Track sales persons sales
  • Multiple sales persons in single receipt
  • 2 sales person in a single line receipt
  • Identify sales person product sales
  • Multiple sales person reports
  • Centralized web based reports for all outlets
  • Sales by product or category
  • Daily collection report
  • Transaction reports
  • Voided transaction reports
  • Stock balance report
  • Value of stock
  • Stock Transfer report
  • Customer purchase report
  • Sales person performance report
  • And many more

We Are Here To Help

Promoter Sales Tracking solution Is Developed Specifically To Help Retail Businesses Manage Promoters’ Sales

4 Crucial Problems Retail Promoters Face That Needs Immediate Attention:

1. Compromised accuracy of manually captured sales data, especially if data is transmitted via channels such as SMS or Email.

2. Increased costs due to additional manpower hours required for data entry and information processing.

3. Delayed response to unforeseen circumstances due to the delay in compiling and analysing meaningful reports.

4. Lack of information on events happening in the store front.

Our solution helps you manage promoters’ sales in an easy and efficient manner by capturing information through mobile devices, before transmitting it concurrently to your headquarters.


Your business will benefit greatly from our solution:

  • Accurate and instant sales data available at all times
  • Increased cost savings due to automated consolidation of sales
  • Data across multiple locations without manual intervention
  • Updated sales and inventory reports across multiple storefronts
  • Quicker response time for decision making due to readily available and comprehensive data and reports


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