Boosting Businesses Through Innovation & Technology

Global Operations with a Local Touch

Edgeworks mission is to give a winning edge for businesses through technology. 

For the past 14 years, we have helped thousands of businesses to grow. Beyond Singapore, we are serving customers in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, Korea, Vietnam and Myanmar.

We have a large customer base, ranging from multinational companies like Philips, Mayer, DHL, LG, as well as newly set up businesses. We encompasses many different vertical such as retail, F&B, beauty and wholesale

Fulfill your business needs

Our business is not about us but it is about helping yours grow.

Forward Thinking

Always on the lookout on the future and how the world moves forward.

Problem Solvers

We want to create value by identifying and satisfying our customer’s need.

Customer Support

Serving our customers & quality of service have always been our top priority.

Our Mission

To create a winning edge for our clients

To deliver innovative & revolutionary features that will benefit our clients & give them advantages over other businesses.

To create a winning edge for our staff

We want to aim for our staff to progress by giving a continuous increase in knowledge, skills and abilities that will allow them to take on higher level roles.

To create a winning edge for our community

We will contribute back to the community through non-profit organizations that will empower the poor and needy to be able to stand back to their own two feet.

Giving Back To Society

Edgeworks is also a company that cares for our society. Our core team are people who invested their personal time, energy and finances to help the poor and the needy.

Edgeworks, as a company, carries the same DNA and is passionate about helping people and has constantly set aside part of our profit to donate to people in need through scholarships and financial help. We also started an initiative in hiring intellectually disabled before.

In Edgeworks we want to give an edge to the needy to help them to be able to stand on their own feet. Drop us a call or email us for more information. Our dedicated team will get in touch with you soon.

Contact Us

Singapore office:

2, Kallang Avenue,#08-10, CT Hub, Singapore 339407.

Tel: +65 6750 4498
Email: sales@edgeworks.com.sg


Indonesia office:

Jalan Imam Mahbud No. 11,Blok A6, Lantai 2,
RT 02 / RW 05,
Duri Pulo, Gambir 10140,
Jakarta Pusat, Indonésia.

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