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EQuip Beauty Solutions is a POS solution tailored made for the Personal care industry. We have worked with hundreds of beauty businesses in Singapore such as spas & hair salons and we understand your needs. your employees can find the information they need in an easy-to use format right when it matters most – while working on their tasks with ease! Our Beauty/Salon POS System is fully equipped with a variety of useful features that you can implement into your daily tasks. With features like beauty packages module, promotions and staff commissions, running your beauty / salon business becomes more efficient.

Edgeworks POS System Singapore

Improve Efficiency


We have various types of modules catered to your needs. These module will consolidated all the relevant data which help you be more organised with appointments, rewards packages and even sales performance for commissioning purposes and many more.

Examples of modules includes:

  • Appointment Module
  • Service Packages Module
  • Points Packages Module
  • Beautician/Hair Stylist/Therapists Sales Performance Module



It helps to optimise resource scheduling which allows automated scheduling of work orders to salesperson in different shifts. Centralising booking is also another benefit that allows salesperson to help customers book their next appointment in multiple outlets available.

The process of invoicing will also increase in efficiency when they customers checkout and about to make payment at the cashier as a click of button will direct the salesperson with the package information and the payment amount for the customer for that day.

Examples of features that will be helpful to your business:

  • Record appointment & assign to staff
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly view
  • Online appointment booking (can be embedded into website, Facebook, or mobile app)
  • Multiple outlet booking in a centralized location
  • Sales invoice issued upon service
Edgeworks POS System Singapore
Edgeworks POS System Singapore



With the assistance from backend reports, this will increase owner’s confidence in data managing and it is also easily accessible for analysis at any point of time, anywhere. It also improves manager visibility over multiple store locations, specifically store performance and staff KPIs.

The insights generated will allows managers to think of better ways to improve customer buying experience and this increases retention rate of the customers.

Some examples of reports includes:

  • Profit and Loss Report
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Daily Product Report
  • Transaction Reports
  • Inventory Report
  • Customer Purchase report
  • Staff Performance Report
  • Export to Excel for further analysis

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is an important factor to retain customers. When we have accurate customer records, loyalty & rewards can be easily managed. This in turns enhances customer relationship and business.

You may manage your customer data by:

  • Identifying customer by Membership ID or Phone
  • Grouping customer into different VIP level
  • Tracking customer birthday, address, email, etc
  • Sending email receipts to customer
  • Giving loyalty points to customer based on purchase amount
Edgeworks POS System Singapore
Customer Rewards Program Software

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    Beauty Point Of Sale
    You Can Depend On

    Features of Beauty Point of Sale

    • Generate sales invoice
    • Apply discounts and promotions
    • Hold and recall sales receipts
    • Assign members to receipt
    • Assign sales person to receipt
    • Capture remarks
    • Purchase & redeem reward points
    • View members’ past purchases
    • Void receipt with authorized approval
    • Print and reprint receipt
    • Configurable receipt layout
    • Multiple payment types
    • Partial payments: Deposit & balance payment
    • Arrange delivery of items
    • Voucher management
    • Unlimited hot keys buttons
    • Sell item combos
    • End-of-day settlement
    • Auto email total sales of the day for each outlets
    • Synchronize sales of all outlets to backend system via internet
    • Unlimited product creation with multiple attributes
    • View stock balance of individual outlets or combined
    • View both quantity and dollar value of inventory
    • Create purchase orders
    • Perform goods received
    • Stock transfers between outlets
    • Stock adjustments with authorizations
    • Stock taking (Comparing system quantities with physical stock)
    • Low stock quantity alert to avoid under-stocking
    • Integration with mobile computer or tablet
    • Printing of barcode labels for tagging
    • Stock card report
    • Keep record of historical stock movements
    • Real time inventory across outlets
    • Customer database storing
    • Multiple customer grouping
    • Search for customers by various attributes
    • View top customers
    • View customers’ past purchases 
    • View product sales by customers
    • Auto apply membership discounts by customer type
    • Birthday list
    • Services and Points packages for members
    • Reward point system – accumulate rewards & redemption
    • Membership expiry and renewals
    • Synchronize member’s data across multiple outlets
    • Synchronize point rewards information across multiple outlet in real time
    • Track sales persons sales
    • Multiple sales persons in single receipt
    • 2 sales person in a single line receipt
    • Identify sales person product sales
    • Multiple sales person reports
      • Centralized web based reports for all outlets
      • Sales by product or category
      • Daily collection report
      • Transaction reports
      • Voided transaction reports
      • Stock balance report
      • Value of stock
      • Stock transfer report
      • Customer purchase report
      • Sales person performance report
      • And many more

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