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Unleash the Power of Knowledge with Business Insights

At Edgeworks, we understand that making timely decisions is key to your business success. That’s why our business insights provides you with real-time reports right on your mobile device, allowing you to make informed decisions faster than ever.

Let us help you navigate your business with ease and confidence. 

Streamline Your Business with Edgeworks: Powerful Analytics at Your Fingertips!

Our Business Insights report is a wonderful free mobile app that complements POS system. We want you to get the most out of your business, which is why our advanced cross-platform analytics reports are designed to provide you with a better understanding of your business.

With our comprehensive reports, you’ll have access to detailed information on revenue by region, trends, and key performance indicators for any period of time you choose. By comparing your advertisements conversions with in-store sales, you can improve the effectiveness of your advertising.

Get Ahead of the Game: EQuip Your Business with Mobile Insight

For busy management teams who are always on-the-go, our mobile insight module is the perfect solution.

With Equip Mobile Insight, you can stay informed about your business around the clock and make timely decisions that guarantee you hit your sales targets and quickly solve any problems that arise.

Stay informed about your business's status in real time for a better understanding of what's happening now.
Keep a watchful eye on your stores' sales performance compared to sales targets.
Stay on top of your best-selling products.
Easily visualize your data to gain a clearer understanding.
Efficiently gather information from multiple outlets in a convenient manner.
Access hourly sales figures in a neat graphical format directly on your mobile phone.
Keep your business healthy by receiving alerts when things don't go as planned.
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Our Approach to Your Business

Get ready to take your business to the next level with Edgeworks POS solutions! Our one-stop platform is designed to help you succeed in today’s ever-changing business environment. With powerful features, expert customer service, and user-friendly interface, you’ll be equipped to make your store run smoother than ever before.

Take the plunge and see your business thrive with Edgeworks!

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We strive to build relationships with our customers and get to know them on a more personal level. By doing so, we can guarantee that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet their challenges and needs.



Upon examining the major problems, we can tailor a POS solution to ensure its successful deployment and minimise the chances of any operational interference.



Our dedicated team is here to ensure your adaptation to the new POS system goes as smoothly as possible. Their commitment and passion for their work will make sure you get used to it quickly.

Empower Growth

Whether you’ve just started out or have been established for a while, our POS solutions will help unlock the potential of your business and set it on course for success.


Business Insights: Your Questions Answered

1. What are business insights, and why are they important for my business?

Business insights are valuable pieces of information that help you better understand your company’s performance, market trends, and customer behavior. They are crucial because they empower you to make data-driven decisions and improve your business strategies.

2. How can business insights benefit my company's decision-making process?

Business insights provide you with a clearer picture of your business operations, allowing you to make informed decisions. They help you identify growth opportunities, streamline operations, and optimise your resources effectively.

3. What types of data are typically used to generate business insights?

Business insights can be derived from a variety of data sources, including sales data, customer feedback, market research, and crm metrics. The specific data you use depends on your industry and business objectives.

4. How can business insights help me identify cost-saving opportunities?

Business insights can pinpoint inefficiencies in your operations, enabling you to reduce costs. By analysing expenses, supply chain data, and employee productivity, you can identify areas where savings can be achieved.

5. Are business insights relevant for small businesses, or are they mainly for larger enterprises?

Business insights are beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can use insights to compete effectively and make strategic decisions. The tools and resources required can be scaled to fit the company’s needs.

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