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chang cheng“EquipPOS is an intuitive and user-friendly point of sales system; with much design thoughts being put on operations and support which has eased us in collecting the transactions data as well as customisation of configurable item as and when we like. It is definitely a good replacement for the traditional cash register!” John Lim, IT Manager

Chang Cheng Mee Wah Holdings Pte Ltd is one of the largest coffee shop chain operators in Singapore. With over 100 outlets under its holdings, Chang Cheng management needs a consolidated and centralized system to keep track of their sales and inventory.

Without a computerized system, any manual process will take days before collection and sales be processed. With such a long delay of operations, critical decisions cannot be executed immediately.

After adopting EquipPOS system, sales data is immediately sent to the Head Office after shift settlement. This allows management to react speedily if collection does not tally or if sales revenue drops.

The monitoring valuable stock items, like beer and cigarette, is crucial for any coffee shop chain. This can go out of hand especially if there are numerous of stalls in Singapore. With EquipPOS system, outlet supervisors can easily receive stock, and do stock take to ensure stock are being closely monitored.

The administration of Chang Cheng’s back office are also supported with the EquipPOS stock ordering system, store supervisors can inform the Head Office of the stock items that are running low, and immediately the warehouse can prepare the stock to be and delivered it the next day. Rental collection and meter readings are also automated and communicated to the Head Office efficiently through internet.

With EquipPOS, Chang Cheng has greatly improved its operational efficiency.


Salon ESPRIT is one of the prestigious hair salon in Singapore and an established brand globally. It provides top quality hair services and always commit to enhance their excellence services to their customer, Salon ESPRIT chose to use Beauty EquipPOS System from EDGEWORKS Solutions in their business.

Beauty EquipPOS enables Salon ESPRIT to administer their operations in a smooth way without any hassle. Capturing of services and product sold, stylist information, customer information can be done easily to ensure effective operations even in peak hours.

With thousands of customers in their contact listing, Salon ESPRIT wishes to tap on their existing pool of customers by constantly be in touch with them. Finding listing of customer’s whose birthday is coming is no longer a tedious hard work as all this information can be easily found in the system. It all thanks to Beauty EquipPOS.

There are many advantages with Beauty EquipPOS in Salon ESPRIT business:

1. To increase revenue, Salon ESPRIT management can view services or products previously purchased by a customer and can offer complementary and additional services to increase repeat business.

2. Able to track the Stylists performance in terms of the services and products provided to customers. Therefore the management can monitor and improve the service level of each stylist.

3. To empower the organization to serve their customers and provide quality hair services for profitable growth of the business.

4. To provide accurate and accessible sale reports online. Save time and eliminate all the paperwork.

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