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Save up to 80% on our Pre-Approved Enhanced Retail Point-of-Sale Solution

Edgeworks Solutions is proud to announce that we have been pre-approved as a POS solution vendor of the SME-friendly digital solutions by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). As part of IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital initiative, it aims to enhance the productivity of SMEs in Singapore by incorporating the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). Eligible businesses can save up to 80%, on their retail POS solution by signing up for the EquipPOS package. To find out more, talk to our consultant today!

PSG For Other Sector

Salon Management System – EQuipPOS Beauty Solutions Version 3. Up to 70% subsidy. 

Wholesale Trade – Equip Wholesale Solutions Version 3. Up to 70% subsidy. 

What Is Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)?

The PSG grant, pre-scoped by a variety of government agencies such as Singapore Tourism Board (STB), National Environmental Agency (NEA), and Enterprise Singapore (ESG), seeks to provide financial support to organisations looking to enhance their business processes through the adoption of IT solutions and equipment. The PSG grant covers sector-specific solutions for various industries, including food, retail, precision engineering, logistics, landscaping, and construction.

Moreover, the PSG supports adopting solutions that cut across sectors in aspects such as data analytics, inventory tracking, financial management, and customer management. With the help of government agencies, the application process has been simplified in support of companies’ productivity. Until March 31 2022, refined maximum funding support of up to 80% has been implemented to serve as an avenue for businesses to make long-term technology investments in Singapore.


You may refer to this link for the list of PSG FAQs.


Edgeworks POS System Singapore

SMEs that purchase/lease/subscribe to IT solutions must utilise them in Singapore.

Edgeworks POS System Singapore

Identify solutions that best suit your business needs.

Edgeworks POS System Singapore

Get a quotation from the pre-approved vendor.

Edgeworks POS System Singapore

Submit an application on the Business Grant Portal (BGP).

Edgeworks POS System Singapore

Pre-Approved Retail POS Solutions

What is Point-of-Sale System (POS)?

POS system allows retail business owners to track sales, cash flow, inventory, customers purchase history etc…

At Edgeworks, we believe that our solution enhances your operational efficiency. Edgeworks’ EQuipPOS solution is the gateway to your business success.

Besides simplifying your operation processes, Edgeworks’ EQuipPOS solution offers valuable business insights in real-time. This not only empowers you as a business owner to make informed decisions, it also enable your business to scale new heights.

Featured Highlights


Edgeworks’ sales module is responsible for your daily sales and inventory transactions. From cash sales and refunds to goods received and stock take; be assured that they are all tracked and processed efficiently with real-time information. This helps you as a business owner make a well-informed decision based on the data to boost sales revenue.


Edgeworks’ membership module handles customers’ purchases in real-time – managing customers’ relationships and loyalty is no longer a tedious task. To ensure that your customers are constantly engaged with your brand, you can consider various offers such as birthday discounts, points and rewards systems, and gift card programmes. This allows you to stay connected with your customers through the implementation of prompt services.   


Whether you are adopting a centralised or decentralised model, you can consider running your promotion in ways that would suit your marketing objectives the best. This could be in the form of purchase with purchase, promotion discount by percentage, and many more.

Edgeworks POS System Singapore
Edgeworks POS System Singapore

Featured Highlights


The mobile inventory module performs stock take, goods received, and other inventory-related tasks in real-time. With the mobile stock take gun on hand, your team no longer requires Excel to perform stock take manually and instead focus on completing the tasks with ease.


Real-time comprehensive reports are vital for the management team to make decisions to maximise business profits. With Edgeworks, you can have the option of viewing the information from either our mobile application or web portal.


Communication between HQ and outlets is made easy with multi-outlet management. With centralised sales, inventory, and customers’ data, HQ can decide on each outlet’s best promotion and price. In addition, the outlets can request specific products from HQ via the ordering portal. In turn, this process allows the operation to flow more efficiently.

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    Edgeworks POS System Singapore
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