9 Essential Features Retailers Need In A POS System

POS systems are designed to be user-friendly and make life easier for businesses. As POS systems handle essential functions, such as processing payments and organising inventory, business owners and staff have the opportunity to focus on attending to customers’ needs and providing the best services.

However, that is not all. By selecting a good and reliable retail POS system in Singapore, you can seek to gain many benefits and enjoy the convenience of having many responsibilities taken care of. Such POS systems are equipped with a variety of features, which we have listed down below. 

Wide range of payment options 

Customers should be able to pay you using different methods. These should include credit cards and debit cards, digital wallets, and online payment systems, like Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, and HitPay, to name a few. At a time when everything is becoming digitalised, this is an especially crucial and helpful feature to have. 

Allows credit card processing  

That being said, you need a retail POS system that enables credit card processing and is compatible with different credit card processors to ensure convenience. This is because a POS system with credit card processing allows you to look up customers’ individual purchases on the system and manually input the total amount on a separate credit card terminal.

Various shortcut keys

Shortcut keys help your staff speed up the checkout process. This means that an ideal POS system will have display buttons for the most popular items or categories in your inventory. Aside from that, this allows for an intuitive way for staff to search for products. 

Omnichannel management and integration

You need both online and offline presence for your business to maximise profits, especially when online shopping is increasingly preferred by consumers. An omnichannel platform supports the sales of your products no matter where the customers are. This makes it important for a POS system to offer an omnichannel experience to boost your online presence and grow your business online and offline.

Customer management tools

Your POS system must provide you with the ability to look up buyers by name or other criteria. In other words, it should be able to pull up a customer’s purchase history, so your staff can provide such buyers with a personalised experience.


Mobile POS systems are quite popular nowadays. They help prevent customers from waiting in line because they can be used anywhere inside the store. In addition, mobile POS systems can be set up as self-service checkout systems that customers can use to continue with the purchase process on their own. 

Manage inventory  

Your POS must have an inventory management system to help you track your inventory in real time. By closely monitoring your business in real-time, you will be able to replenish your supplies quickly.

Reporting tools

Reporting tools are essential for every retail company because they let them see not only their sales, but also which items sell the most and which do not. This will help you adjust your purchase orders accordingly.

Third-party software integrations

This allows you to add customer management aspects without introducing a new production process. Doing so will also let you adopt new functions, including maintaining loyalty programs, recording customer information, and offering targeted marketing. 


As you can see, retail POS systems are easy to use, allow faster checkout, make tracking inventory easier, accept different payment options, and provide better sales insights altogether. All of these help retail businesses to operate smoothly and reduce the chances of complications.

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